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Shipping / Flexibility / Logistic

Continued growth

Emerged from a desire to help SME, Kolineo helps companies develop new markets and achieve consistent growth.

We want to offer our partners services adapted to their real needs, in order to support their growth and ensure their sustainability. Our flexibility allows you to deal with any fluctuations in sales and support your business has it grows.


Located in the city of Sherbrooke, Estrie, near the Montreal area., Kolineo takes benefit of this location to have a labour pool more available and affordable.

Sherbrooke is a city currently expanding that attracts renowned companies where traffic jams and bridges under construction remain virtually unknown concepts. Being located close to the highways and not far from the major centres, this city is therefore very attractive for businesses, but also for students. Indeed, with these two multicultural universities that produce several high-level graduates each year, it is easy for companies to set up efficient and innovative work teams


Our company provides Third-Party Logistics (3PL) that will meet your expectations and your needs.

  • Recept

  • Order picking

  • Storage, packaging

  • Special order (work order)

  • Crossdocking

  • ion


Always on the lookout for changes in the marketplace and continually learning about industry innovations, we are always ahead of the changes and challenges.

With our expertise in the field, we can assist and support companies in their development and growth.