Having worked for several years in the field of 3PL with major customers and seeing the potential to serve companies in growth, in a limited market share in Quebec, we decided to launch our own company in order to put our achievement in the service of young companies desiring rapid, constant and sustained growth. Indeed, having affected most of the areas of a company in a 3PL field and having specialized in continuous improvement, in the optimization of operational processes and in the integration and the development of operational models adapted to the different customers, we are able to know the success factors of a company like ours. Therefore, Kolineo now offers the solution to support and develop strong growth companies.


Kolineo accompanies and enables companies to sustain growth and thrive in their business model by allowing them to fully focus on the development of their market and products. Our role is to prepare and distribute orders for retail and consumer companies via our customers ‘ online sales. As a result, working with our clients, whom we consider to be partners, we make sure that we can fill any need or requests that allow them to grow at the desired pace.


Team : Our vision, at Kolineo, is based on the team in place! Every human being is a guarantee of the success of the company. Our relationship with our clients, which we consider to be partners, stems from the fact.

Excellence: Our quest for excellence drives us to always want to surpass ourselves in all areas of our business.

Innovation : We are constantly innovating and optimizing in all our processes. We also have a great deal of importance in having a team that brings different ideas and can allow us to surpass ourselves.

Integrity: Integrity: We are convinced, at Kolineo, that good relationships are based on openness and transparency. So, this is how we operate between team members, but also with our clients.