Receiving: Our mandate is to receive and inventory your stocks quickly. We can receive your containers and palletize your products to get them on hand quickly. Time is often an asset, the sooner your products are on the market, the greater your growth will be.

Order fulfillment: We receive your order forms and prepare the order as quickly as possible for delivery the same day. This is done according to your needs and requests. The whole thing is done in an efficient and fast way while following the highest standards of quality and accuracy of the industry.

Storage: Flexible storage service that best suits your needs. Pay for what you use, that’s Flex Logistics! Whether on pallets or on shelves, we create the environment that you need. All of course, under high surveillance and safe with our high-quality sprinkler system.

Co packaging: No matter what preparation to make on your products before shipping, we are able to do so. Whether it’s a personalized packaging with your company’s logo or simply creating saleable sets, FLEX is there for you.

Work order: Need to have your packaging changed or have your inventory checked, we are ready to do some special work for you.

Cross dock: Only need a brick and mortar in Canada, we are here to help you. Entry and exit of paletts with small storage, contact us for more information.

Transport Logistics: We can take care of the logistics of your goods immediately upon landing at port until they reach the end customer’s premises. In fact, we ensure the management of the carriers to bring the products from the port to our centre. We also offer you the possibility to manage your shipments, whether by truck, plane or by boat.

Gestion des retours: Nous pouvons prendre en charge vos retours de marchandises. Simplement nous faire acheminer le matériel et on s’occupe de traiter le retour et de le remettre en inventaire ou de le réexpédier.



Order fulfillment

Transport Logistics